Event Detail

We are aware of the degradation of the environment in recent years, not only in Kathmandu valley but all over Nepal. A good environment is a seriously essential element of basic human life. Various organizations (Governmental, Non-Governmental, or International) are working and practicing different methods of preservation of the environment. Some are involved in the plantation, some in the awareness, some in the waste management, some are in the replacement of the products in use, and many more. However, the proper implementation or the outcome of the activities are not distinctly observed in our periphery/surrounding. This is a serious topic to be considered and more to be focused on by the well-educated, enthusiastic, and research-oriented students. So, we have come up with an idea to cover this vital matter by organizing an idea-generating and pitching event named “Action for Social Cause”.

The aim and the target of an event are crystal clear with the name itself. The event will majorly focus on the ideas and action generation from the participants either from the business perspective or a non-profitable social campaign. This event is a chain event to be organized in a certain time frame regularly. And the topic for the event is chosen as per the need and necessity of the surrounding which is to be focused on and solved. This, in turn, helps the students work and research on the ideas they might be carrying so long to make an impact and also the society by the possible implementations of the ideas.